We are pleased to inform to all our customers that Luigi's Italian Restaurant will be re open on Thursday June 11th 2009!


Who is Luigi, and what’s he cooking on the Strand? That was the question everyone was asking when one of Texas’ finest Italian chefs first moved to Galveston.

But nobody has to ask now – Luigis has become an overnight sensation , with his Tuscan-style Italian restaurant and a knock-your-Italian-socks-off menu.

Luigi’s offers a menu of Northern Italian dishes, with pasta specialties such as Eggplant parmigiana, Canelloni e Cuatro Formaggi, Lasagna di Funchi and Linguini Fruitti di Mare. Signature dishes and entrees include Gamberoni Mitchell, Virello Picata, Polo alla Claudio, Snapper alla Luigi, and Salmone di Amore.

Each dish is prepared with the freshest ingredients available. Luigi’s is a pasta and garlic-lover’s dream located on one of the best corners of the Strand.

Luigi Ferre acknowledges that family business, stocks and bonds are the most blatantly valuable inheritances. Even so, he feels the passion for cuisine Italiana he received from his parents has proved to be a treasure of immeasurable value.

Not only is there satisfaction in loving food, but Ferre’s cooking talents have been the foundation for a career – as chef in Houston at Carraba’s and at Damian’s where he oversaw the kitchen for several years, and now as the owner operator of Luigi’s located at the corner of 24 th Street and Strand.

Although Luigi grew up in Uruguay, he adores recipes from all regions of his birth land – Italy.

“Even after my once-in-a-while visits to Chinese or Mexican dining spots, I still need a bowl of spaghetti in order to feel full,” he confesses. The truth is, almost any noodles will do.

So far, he is found the formulations he likes most are cooked up on the stovetops in Rome and the Piedomonte region, and those which are representative of his parents’ Genovese and Sicilian backgrounds.

Luigi considers his late father, his mother and his twin sister Graciela, who does professional catering in Houston, as the prominent resources of his recipe repertoire.

Luigi is making sure the menu at the eponymous eatery hits all the categories of an all encompassing Italian menu - fish, veal, chicken duck and eventually rabbit and venison.

Although delicate capelinni and spaghettini are considered hot pastas in certain weight conscious circles, Ferre confesses his heart is still with the heavier lasagna and cannelloni.

“I would rather make a trade off and substitute a lighter sauce like Pomodoro, which I make with fresh Roma tomatoes, basil, garlic and red onions.”

Other secrets from his pasta pot: Never skimp on the quality of ingredients.

Cheap noodles will turn out mushy and gummy even If you prepare them correctly.

Always make your sauce first. That way, once the pasta is cooked and drained, it can be tossed with the sauce immediately.

Chef Ferre thinks his meatballs are a hit because they’re soft and never dried out. The key, use breadcrumbs that have been soaked in milk.

Locals are attracted by some of his favorite recipes that gained him an audience in Houston –Rissoto, Osso Bucco and polenta.

He caters receptions and parties in the over scale spaces of the second floor, the dining area that he’s most excited about is the Luigi’s Piccola Tavola, a tiny area with a set menu that can seat up to 12 guests.

“I never get to spend enough hours with my family,” he explains, “but for the time the guests are sitting around the chef’s table, they will dine on the foods I would make if I were at home.

“For that evening, they will be my familia.”